Space management

Space Management - A management program to optimize the available retail space. This is done from the point of view of sales and earnings with the help of IT-supported information management.

The goals of space management are:

  • Placement in line with sales
  • Avoidance of stock shortages
  • Avoidance of excess inventory
  • Even shelf sales
  • Sales effective shelf image
  • Horizontal / vertical block formation
  • Consistent order on the shelf
  • Optimal range of assortment depth
  • Discontinuation of unprofitable products
  • Range addition

The basis is an IT-supported information management system with item-specific sales figures, data on the dimensions of the items as well as the arrangement and dimensions of the shelves as well as the values of the sales areas and shelves, which is based on scanner data, merchandise management systems and the DPR invoice (direct product profitability DPR). etc. falls back.

Artikel mit hoher Umschlaghäufigkeit, hohem Umsatzanteil bzw. hohen Deckungsbeiträgen oder Roherträgen erhalten mehr Verkaufsfläche. Space Management lohnt sich erst ab einer Mindestverkaufsfläche von ca. 400qm (Shelf optimization).

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