Was ist Cyberactivism?
Cyberactivism is the process of using Internet-based socializing and communication techniques to create, operate and manage activism of any type. It allows any individual or organization to utilize social networks and other online technologies to reach and gather followers, broadcast messages and progress a cause or movement.

Cyberactivism is also known as Internet activism, online activism, digital activism, online organizing, electronic advocacy, e-campaigning and e-activism.

Cyberactivism’s basic working principle is similar to standard physical activism: to initiate a citizen-based movement toward a specific goal, cause or objective. Cyberactivism uses social networking tools and platforms to share and broadcast mottos and messages, and to interact with netizens. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular and niche social networks, along with email, instant messaging (IM) and other online collaboration tools.

Depending on the cause or need of the e-activist, cyberactivism can be used for various purposes, such as awareness creation, gathering and organizing followers and initiating reactions. For example, e-activists use e-petitions digitally signed by a number of followers before they are sent to government and legislative authorities.

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