Storage Resource Management (SRM)

What is Storage Resource Management (SRM)?
Storage Resource Management (SRM) is the process for efficiently maximizing a Storage Area Network (SAN). SRM identifies idle or underutilized storage and stale data for transfer to less expensive media alternatives and streamlines the forecast of future storage needs.
Data storage media and management costs are increasing due to the steady annual growth in data (50-100 percent). As a result, companies are now looking for automated and more effective SRM solutions.

SRM also makes it easy to manage network expansions, configurations, events, policies, quotas and storage media. This increases efficiency as manual configuration tasks are time consuming for network administrators (NA).

SRM features include:

- Data backup

Storage virtualization, bei der auf mehrere physische Speichereinheiten als logische Speichereinheit zugegriffen werden kann

- Network performance analysis

- Network monitoring

- Billback - a cost recovery service

- Storage provisioning, which provides configurations and preparations for storage efficiency and optimization

- Update and maintenance of activity logs

- User authentication

- Antivirus protection

SRM solution providers include Symantec, APTARE, DataCore Software, and Northern Parklife. The solutions include stand-alone products or SRM integration as part of larger program packages.

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