Software-Defined Security (SDS)

What is software-defined security (SDS)?
Software-Defined Security (SDS) is a type of security model in which information security in a computing environment is implemented, controlled, and managed by security software.

This is a software-driven, policy-driven and monitored security in which most security controls such as intrusion detection, network segmentation and access control are automated and monitored via software.
Software-defined security is usually implemented in IT environments that have little or no hardware-based security dependency, e.g. B. Cloud computing and virtualization infrastructures. Every new device that is created in the environment is automatically covered and controlled by the basic security policy.

This also ensures that the security reach and scalability of the underlying environment goes hand in hand with the increasing infrastructure / environmental resources. In addition, environments can be moved as software-defined and managed security or migrated to other data centers / IT facilities without compromising security policies and controls.

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