Social Business Intelligence (Social BI)

What is Social Business Intelligence (Social BI)?
Social Business Intelligence (Social BI) refers to a management technique that integrates group sharing to improve existing projects, products and processes.

Social business intelligence is usually managed by third-party analysis software that combines the functions of traditional project management software with the interaction techniques gained from social media.
The most striking feature of social business intelligence is that it invites customer input and feedback early in the process, rather than after a product has been released.

Social Business Intelligence wird als ein idealer Weg gesehen, das Human capital innerhalb und außerhalb eines bestimmten Unternehmens voll auszuschöpfen. Innerhalb des Unternehmens hilft das offene Management von Ressourcen und Produkten Mitarbeitern, Feedback zu Projekten zu geben, an denen sie interessiert sind – aber nicht unbedingt arbeiten – und bietet mehr Möglichkeiten für die Anerkennung.

Outside the company, customers can influence the design of a company's products and services and ensure that they are more satisfied with the bottom line. Social business intelligence is a relatively new concept (and a small buzzword), the meaning of which will change over time.

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