QFD Quality Function Deployment

QFD Quality function deployment ist die realisierte Beschaffenheit einer Einheit bezüglich der Qualitätsanforderungen. Bei einer spezifizierten Betrachtung von Qualität können fünf – sich nicht ausschließende – Definitionsansätze differenziert werden:

According to the product-related approach, quality is viewed as the sum of the characteristics of the existing properties of a service.

In the customer-related approach, quality is referred to as the customer's perception of the service being viewed.

The absolute definition approach determines quality based on unspecific assessment classes.

In the production-oriented approach, the focus is on the quality of the service production process by taking certain quality standards into account.

In the value-based approach, the assessor carries out a cost-benefit analysis with regard to the perceived benefit of a service.

The importance of quality results from the fact that it is one of the strategic success factors of a company alongside costs and time. In recent years, quality has gained in importance due to the economic effects on success that are attributed to it (quality management). In science and practice, not only the quality of material goods is discussed, but also questions of the quality of service and services.

In science and practice, there are a large number of quality measurement methods (quality testing, service quality measurement) and quality management approaches.

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