Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing - Permission means permission, consent or approval. So permission marketing is permission marketing. The founder of this concept is the American Seth Godin in his book "Permission Marketing Customers Want To Be Able to Choose" Munich 2001. Permission Marketing is characterized by the fact that a company only sends information about its products to current and potential customers if this is accompanied by advertising agree. According to Godin, this information must meet three criteria: It must be expected by the customer, tailored to him personally, and relevant to him.

Das Konzept des Permission Marketing wird mit Hilfe des Internet realisiert. Dieses Medium bietet die technischen Möglichkeiten, jeden Kunden individuell zu behandeln. Permission Marketing ist also eine besondere Form des Direct marketing or. One-to-one marketing. Die Werbebotschaften werden mit Erlaubnis des Kunden per E-Mail verschickt. Permission based E-Mail-Newsletters haben im Durchschnitt etwa doppelt so hohe Response-Quoten wie Newsletters, die ohne Genehmigung der E-Mail-Empfänger verschickt werden. Wenn keine Erlaubnis der Empfänger vorliegt, landen E-Mail-Werbebotschaften überwiegend im elektronischen Papierkorb.

Permission Marketing is an excellent opportunity to build up and maintain a long-term relationship of trust with your customers, ie a useful addition to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In order to achieve synergy effects, not only e-mails should be used in permission marketing, but also telephone, cell phone, fax and other media (mobile marketing).

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