Market Maven

Market Maven - The term "Maven" refers to people who are informed about a large number of products and who are happy to share this knowledge with other consumers. Market Mavens are well-informed reference providers for new products. The market mavens play an important role in the diffusion of new products.

Market mavens are similar to opinion leaders in that their potential to influence is based on product knowledge and experience. Market Mavens adopt new products early too. Compared to the early adopters (diffusion), however, their expertise is not only product-specific. Rather, they are generally interested in new products. They seek and collect relevant information to help others with it. They use their market knowledge as a thematic basis for discussions. In contrast to opinion leaders, Market Mavens mostly communicate actively.

Market Mavens' buying behavior differs from other consumers in four dimensions:

Market mavens have a stronger drive to perfectionism than other consumers. They endeavor to make optimal purchase decisions and to obtain the highest possible product quality. The pronounced urge for perfectionism explains the great need for information of Market Mavens. For introductory advertising, this means that market mavens can primarily be influenced by information about the quality of the products. Target group-oriented advertising media are z. B. Journals.

Variety seeking
Market mavens have a stronger urge to variety-seeking than other consumers, ie they change brands, products and shops more frequently in order to get to know better alternatives and because they find new products stimulating. In this way they satisfy their urge for perfectionism and collect a wide range of experiences that they can pass on to other consumers. Market mavens are particularly suitable for communicating information about new products, especially since they also buy such products themselves. A wide network of media should be used for information to Market Mavens.

Market Mavens are more likely than other consumers to be confused by the multitude of products, brands and information on offer. This uncertainty probably results from her striving for perfectionism and variety.

When introducing new products, the market mavens should be advertised with detailed and concise information. As a medium, for. B. Direct mail can be used, which this target group has a positive attitude towards.

Market Mavens' buying behavior is much more impulsive than that of other consumers. In this context, impulse purchases represent an emotional reaction to the uncertainty. The advertising messages for the Market Mavens should be designed emotionally, because the decision-making situation in the case of impulsive buying behavior is strongly emotional. This can undermine the cognitive control of purchasing behavior.

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