What is graymail?
Graymail describes email messages that are generally undesirable but do not fit the definition of spam. Unlike spam, Graymail contains messages from mailing lists and newsletters to which you legitimately subscribe to receive email. Over time, these messages can clutter your inbox and can easily be mistaken for spam.

The term 'greymail' was coined by the Microsoft Hotmail team in 2011 when the company pioneered new ways to filter incoming messages. Graymail differs from spam in the following ways:

The email is requested. You are requesting, either directly or indirectly, to receive a graymail. For example, a direct method subscribes to a mailing list. An indirect method is to provide your email address when you register with an e-commerce website.

The email is legitimate. Graymail messages are sent from reputable sources who value their relationship with the recipient. The messages usually contain an unsubscribe option that is accepted by the sender.

The email content is targeted to specific users. Graymail messages generally contain content that is specific to your interests. While the emails contain text similar to spam, such as: B. Special offers and promotions, the offers are aimed at you and other specific users.

Based on Microsoft's research, newsletters and specials make up the majority of the messages in the average user's inbox. By identifying these messages as Graymail, Hotmail can filter them accordingly. This includes moving newsletters to a specific category of 'newsletters' and providing a cleanup scheduling tool that moves or deletes outdated email promotions.

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