Google Fusion Tables

What is Google Fusion Tables?
Google Fusion Tables is a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that enables data to be hosted, managed, shared and published online.

Google Fusion Tables provides data management services that can be accessed directly from the Internet through a browser, programmatic access through an application programming interface, and integration of existing table data. Google Fusion Tables is available in the Google Docs suite of applications.

Google Fusion Tables primarily enables the visualization of data stored in tables in the form of graphical charts, maps, timelines and plots with the ability to publish, share and integrate them for individual users and websites. Google Fusion works by exporting data values from the tables created online or in a user-provided table and converting them into a meaningful graphical representation of the data.

Google Fusion Tables is fully hosted on the Google Cloud infrastructure, which maintains the most current version of the data for any shared user, integrated website or application, and merged tables. Google Fusion Tables also offers real-time collaboration for the created data sets, whereby the shared user can add, edit and comment on the data table used.

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