What is GLib?
GLib is a universal software utility library that provides data types, macros, type conversions, utility functions, and other non-graphical functions. GLib is the basis of the Gimp Toolkit (GTK +) platform.

GLib provides advanced data structures including balanced binary trees, hash tables, n-ary trees, sections of memory, singly and doubly linked lists, and dynamic strings and string utilities. Cache that provides memory management is also included.

GLib implements numerous functions, including thread programming and associated facilities (such as mutexes, secure storage pools, messaging and timing) and messaging facilities such as input / output (I / O) channels.

As a library, GLib offers functions that can be shared by other programs. Data types provided by GLib can be used by a variety of programming languages with GTK + wrapping.

GLib runs on Unix-like platforms, Windows, OS / 2 and BeOS. In addition, GLib has cross-platform capabilities that allow written GLib applications to run on any of these platforms.

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