Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)

What is Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)?
Gigabit Ethernet is a version of Ethernet technology that is used in LANs (Local Area Networks) to transmit Ethernet frames at 1 Gbit / s. It is used as the backbone in many networks, especially large networks. Gigabit Ethernet is an extension of the previous 802.3 Ethernet standards with 10 Mbit / s and 100 Mbit / s.It supports a bandwidth of 1,000 Mbit / s and remains fully compatible with the installed base of around 100 million Ethernet nodes.

Gigabit Ethernet typically uses a fiber optic connection to carry information over long distances at very high speeds. Copper cables and twisted pair connections are used for short distances.

Gigabit Ethernet is abbreviated as GbE or 1 GigE.

Gigabit Ethernet was developed by Dr. Robert Metcalf and introduced by Intel, Digital, and Xerox in the early 1970s. It quickly became a larger LAN technology system for exchanging information and data around the world. In 1998 the first Gigabit Ethernet standard with the designation 802.3z was certified by the IEEE 802.3 committee.

Gigabit Ethernet is supported by five physical layer standards. The IEEE 802.3z standard includes 1000 BASE-SX for data transmission over multimode fiber optics. In addition, the IEEE 802.3z includes 1000 BASE-LX over single-mode fiber optics and 1000 BASE-CX over copper cables for transmission. These standards use 8b / 10b coding, but IEEE 802.3ab, known as interface type 1000BASE-T, uses a different coding sequence for transmission over twisted pair cables.

Gigabit Ethernet offers the following advantages over normal 10 to 100 Mbit / s Ethernet:

Transfer rate is 100 times greater

Reduces bottleneck problems and increases bandwidth capacity, resulting in higher performance

Offers full duplex capacity with practically twice the bandwidth

Provides cumulative bandwidth for faster speeds through the use of gigabit server adapters and switches

Quality of Service (QoS) offers reduced latency problems and provides better video and audio services

Very affordable to own

Compatible with existing installed Ethernet nodes

Transfers a large amount of data quickly

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