Gentoo Linux

What is Gentoo Linux?
Gentoo Linux is a computer operating system that uses either Linux or Free BSD as the kernel. It is free and open source software. Because of its ease of use, portability, and modular architecture, it is known as a meta-distribution. Gentoo Linux was formerly known as Enoch Linux.

Gentoo Linux was developed using a technology known as Portage that allows Gentoo Linux to be configured for various environment and requirement roles. It can be installed and configured as a standard server, high-end gaming machine, professional / personal use desktop, and more.

It enables users to select functions and services that are necessary and necessary for their hardware (and they can easily omit unnecessary programs and services in order to speed up system response).

Because of its portability, Gentoo Linux can be installed on common processor infrastructures such as x86, IA-64, PA-RISC and more.

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