Cross browser

What is cross browser?
Cross-browser refers to the ability of a website, HTML construct, application, or even client-side script to work in different environments that provide the functionality it needs. Similar to how a cross-platform program can run on multiple computing platforms, cross-browser websites can run on multiple browsers.

Building a cross-browser website is easy for simple websites. However, complexes that require a lot of HTML formatting and JavaScript require additional coding to be compatible. Different web browsers interpret JavaScript and HTML differently. For example, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer use different rendering engines for HTML. Therefore, the same webpage can be displayed in these browsers with different formatting. Hence, developers need to design their websites to work across multiple browsers.

One way to ensure compatibility is to use a basic coding method that compensates for incompatibilities between different browsers. However, if this is not possible, the developer must adapt the code accordingly. Cross browser compatibility is very important for the proper functioning of web applications.

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