Creeper Virus

What is Creeper Virus?
Creeper Virus is a computer virus that is most commonly recognized as the first computer virus. Bob Thomas of BBN created Creeper in 1971 as an experimental, self-duplicating program that was supposed to be a mobile application and not do any harm. Creeper damaged DEC PDP-10 computers running on the TENEX operating system by messing up the installed printers and sending the message 'I'm the rascal, catch me if you can!'

The Creeper virus found a computer on the network, transferred itself to the computer, printed (and stopped) a file, displayed a message on the screen, and then started over. A key difference between Creeper and other large viruses was that the Creeper deleted its older versions when it duplicated itself.

While it is widely considered to be the first computer virus today, the concept of a computer virus did not exist when it emerged in the 1970s.

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