Commodore SX-64

What is Commodore SX-64?
The Commodore SX-64 was a portable personal computer, the first of its kind to feature a full-color display in 1983. The Commodore SX-64 had a 170k floppy disk drive, 64k RAM and a 5-inch screen. It ran on a Commodore BASIC operating system.

As a small 'briefcase' computer, the Commodore SX-64 did not sell very well. Some issues included various types of incompatibilities, such as a lack of connection to power printers without their own AC power supply. The small screen was also a factor as it made it difficult to enjoy the graphics that were groundbreaking at the time, e.g. For example, in the Activision game 'Ghostbusters', which David Crane demonstrated on a Commodore 64 desktop computer on PBS in 1985, the screen color of the SX-64 was also different from that of the standard Commodore 64, which had some problems with various pieces of software caused.

The Commodore SX-64 was followed by constructions such as the Commodore LCD, an unpublished prototype.

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