Cloud management software

What is Cloud management-Software?
Cloud management software generally refers to the combined software and technology used to control the delivery of cloud computing services. Cloud services help providers deliver web-based tech solutions to a wide variety of customers with different goals.

Die Vielfalt der Cloud-Management-Software hängt mit der Vielfalt der Cloud-Services selbst zusammen. Cloud services können Datenaggregation und -speicherung, die Remote-Nutzung von Softwareplattformen, Datenanalysen oder andere Arten von digitalen Aktivitäten umfassen, die Anbieter über das Web bereitstellen können. Unter diesen Umständen kann Cloud-Management-Software aus verschiedenen Werkzeugen zur Unterstützung von Cloud-Diensten bestehen, zum Beispiel Software-Tools, die die Hardware-Einrichtung leiten, Systeme, die Systeme überwachen, und solche, die weitere Informationen zur Unterstützung menschlicher Entscheidungen sammeln.
Cloud management software can also include tools that look at the performance of cloud services. For example, a number of cloud services contracts contain uptime and downtime provisions that ensure that services are available to clients for a percentage of active service time. To meet these needs, cloud management software tools can monitor uptime and downtime and the reasons for both not only benchmarking and troubleshooting, but also ensuring that vendors know if they are meeting uptime requirements.

Other types of cloud management software also depend on the type of cloud services, e.g. B. whether the service offers an individual application or a platform as a service (PaaS). Cloud management software solutions can also help ensure that the servers are operational enough to provide services, or that they monitor service usage to ensure other goals are being met. They can address issues such as security, compatibility, or operational context in general. All of this is part of delivering better cloud services and creating industry standards that serve the rapidly evolving market for these services.

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