Cloud disaster recovery

What is cloud disaster recovery?
Cloud Disaster Recovery is a service that enables remote computers to be backed up and restored on a cloud-based platform.

Cloud Disaster Recovery ist in erster Linie eine IaaS-Lösung (Infrastructure as a Service), die bestimmte Systemdaten auf einem externen Remote-Cloud server sichert. Es bietet ein aktualisiertes Wiederherstellungspunktziel (Recovery Point Objective, RPO) und ein Wiederherstellungszeitziel (Recovery Time Objective, RTO) für den Fall einer Katastrophe oder Systemwiederherstellung.

Cloud Disaster Recovery typically offers similar services to a local or company-wide external Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) function, but in an economical, efficient and provider-managed platform. A cloud DRP provider provides users and storage space and continuously updates the designated systems with the client software installed on each system. Users can add, edit, and delete systems and storage capacity without considering the back-end supported infrastructure.

A cloud-based disaster recovery solution enables the user to scale the entire cloud DRP solution from one to multiple. The user is typically billed monthly for only the storage and client software licenses. Most Cloud DR also provides backup and recovery for critical server machines that host enterprise level applications like MS-SQL, Oracle, etc.

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