Cloud application portability

What is cloud application portability?
Cloud Application Portability ist ein Konzept im Cloud computing, das sich auf die Fähigkeit bezieht, Anwendungen zwischen Cloud-Anbietern mit einem Minimum an Integrationsproblemen zu verschieben.

Cloud application portability addresses cross-platform issues in a cloud computing solution platform, particularly software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-service (PaaS)-centric applications.

Cloud application portability is the degree to which certain cloud solution providers design applications that can be ported to other providers and the implementation of a standardized, non-proprietary back-end operating platform to enable cross-vendor applications .

The portability of cloud applications reduces the risk of dependency on providers and ensures that the SaaS application is based on open standards and is portable to most cloud operating systems. Whether in a traditional model or a cloud model, software providers obviously want to block customers. When you consider that a large part of the cloud computing model is freeing an organization from proprietary infrastructure, it only makes sense that open standards are desirable. In practice, however, portability is becoming more and more complex.

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