Cloud Access Security Broker

What is Cloud Access Security Broker?
A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is the technology that mediates data between internal IT architectures and cloud provider environments.

Although the term Cloud Access Security Broker can be used by some IT professionals to refer to companies that offer cloud brokerage services, it is widely used to refer to a number of technologies that encrypt or otherwise process data to make them more secure cloud environment.

A cloud access security broker is located between an internal system and an external system in order to provide services for securing outgoing data.

Cloud access security broker technologies often have various features built into the design. These include auditing tools, data loss prevention tools, encryption tools, and monitoring tools. In a general sense, CASBs help shield corporate systems from various types of cyber threats by providing services such as malware prevention and data security that make data streams illegible to third parties. An example of a CASB technology is the cloud encryption gateway; here the gateway service takes data at the exit point and encrypts them for security purposes.

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