Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

What is Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a senior IT position that includes the development and implementation of new technologies. Often the CTO offers a technical review and control within a company about new technologies, system techniques and technical strategies.

Although the CTO role is often associated with the IT industry, it has also gained a foothold in many other industries. There are active CTOs in all types of industries, from technology startups to the US government.

The CTO is sometimes referred to as the Vice President of Engineering.

There can be confusion between a CTO and a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Although each is IT, there are big differences. In contrast to a CIO, whose job it is to generally solve problems by researching and implementing existing technologies, a CTO works more often on new technologies.

CTOs are also more external as they work on products for other customers, while CIOs focus more on internal issues. As with all job descriptions, however, these are general rules and responsibilities may vary from company to company.

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