Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

What is Chief Experience Officer (CXO)?
A Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is a person primarily responsible for maintaining a good relationship between a brand and its customer base. This role was created in many large companies to more effectively control the way customers experience a company and its products or services.

Many of those who have not seen a chief experience officer at work in an organization may think that the majority of what that executive does relates to the world of the internet, where better customer experiences include better, more interactive websites. However, this is far from the only type of work that goes into building the customer experience. Experts with a detailed understanding of the CXO role point to service companies such as theme parks where a profound customer experience takes place on site, or to companies that build a customer experience with their products, for example manufacturers of tablets and mobile devices.

In some cases, a CEO can play the role of CXO. Marketing professionals use examples like Apple's Steve Jobs and Tesla's Elon Musk as CEOs, who are known for managing customer experiences through their own personalities and through various types of media work. The public connects the person with the brand and builds a brand experience through passive observation of that person's media presence.

In other cases, a company may hire another executive for the specific role of CXO so that there is a single person shaping all of these aspects that create a great customer experience for a brand.

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