Chief Cloud Officer (CCO)

What is Chief Cloud Officer (CCO)?
A Chief Cloud Officer (CCO) is a person who manages, monitors, and regulates the entire cloud computing environment and its operations within an organization. The Chief Cloud Officer enables an organization to leverage the power, productivity, and efficiency of a range of cloud computing solutions and services. Hence, the CCO is the ultimate custodian of cloud-related resources and components.

Die Hauptverantwortung des CCO liegt darin sicherzustellen, dass eine Organisation das Cloud computing optimal nutzt, ohne das Geschäft zu gefährden. Der CCO leitet die Cloud-Einführung / -Migration von der ersten Phase der Cloud-Bedarfsanalyse über die Lieferantenbewertung und die kurze Liste bis hin zu Bereitstellung, Wartung und Fehlerbehebung.

The task of the CCO consists of two main components: aligning cloud solutions with business goals and objectives and monitoring cloud operations from a technical point of view. However, since cloud computing is essentially a third-party managed solution, the key responsibilities of the CCO also include evaluating, designing, and implementing strict cloud security and governance measures.

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