What is Carebear?
Carebear is a slang term used to refer to a video gamer who avoids violence and competition, or a video that contains few violent elements. As part of game design, a CareBear is usually aimed at a younger audience. Carebear games tend to be exploratory and rarely have game mechanics that can lead to the death of a character. A carebear gamer, on the other hand, is someone who doesn't care about going through the levels in an online game, but instead chooses to inhabit safe zones and engage in non-competitive activities.

The term 'carebear' refers to the Care Bears, a cast of cartoon characters who enjoyed widespread popularity in the 1980s. The Cartoon Care Bears shot rays of pure care from their abdominal symbols. Anything attacked by the rays would feel joy.

Gamers have adopted the term 'carebear' in a derogatory sense: first, disparaging games without realism or consequence, and later referring to gamers who avoid violence and competition in online multiplayer role-playing games. Careebars are often held responsible for establishing safety zones and taking measures in games to kill players, prevent piracy and other degenerate strategies.

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