Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst)

What is Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst)?
A business intelligence analyst (BI analyst) is a professional role where the person is responsible for analyzing data used by a company or organization. Data used in BI generally supports decision making. The BI analyst works with this type of data to maximize its usefulness.

In general, a business intelligence analyst often has some type of college degree in technology. Many have specialized degrees in business intelligence. Experts point out that many BI analyst jobs require specific knowledge of technologies such as SQL as well as Cognos or similar business resources are required.

A business intelligence analyst works to develop and deploy new business intelligence solutions. These professionals can be tasked with defining, reporting, or otherwise developing new structures for business intelligence that serve a specific purpose. Writing reports can be an important part of this role. A business intelligence analyst can also work with development teams. Understand data storage structures and the various ways in which data can be used to support business intelligence.

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