Breadcrumb navigation

What is breadcrumb navigation?
Breadcrumb navigation is a tool used in web searches that allows users to retrace their steps or go back to a point in time related to their original search. The breadcrumb navigation was named after the fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel', in which the two main characters used a breadcrumb trail to find their way home. Breadcrumb navigation connects the user back to the previous website page in the entire online route. In other words, the breadcrumb path allows the user to retrace the previous pages.

Breadcrumb navigation can also be referred to as a breadcrumb trail or a cookie crumb trail.

Breadcrumb navigation is a form of path style navigation. There are three types of breadcrumbs:

Path Breadcrumbs: Dynamic breadcrumbs that indicate the path the user used to reach a particular page.

Location Breadcrumbs: Static breadcrumbs that show the hierarchy of a particular website relative to the location of that website page.

Attribute breadcrumbs: breadcrumbs that provide information that categorizes the current website.

The parent page of the web page that a user is visiting is displayed during breadcrumb navigation. The symbol '>' separates the hierarchical search order from start to finish and looks something like this:

Home> Section Page> Subsection Page

Designers can choose to use other symbols (also called glyphs) or even graphics.

While breadcrumb navigation is a useful technological tool, it is often duplicated as the same computer functions can be performed using the web browser's 'back' button during a web search.

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