Blended networking

What is blended networking?
Blended networking is a form of social networking that connects or 'blends' life both online and offline. This is the latest social networking trend that is more focused on individuals' offline activities such as arts, hobbies, sports, pets, and other interests aside from online interactions. This is easy to see in social media groups made specifically for a particular hobby or sport, such as a jogging or tennis club.

Blended networking is the merging of online and offline socialization. Where traditional socializing is about certain activities like hobbies and sports, online socializing is about the online persona and is more personal in terms of interaction, like sharing personal opinions, like the multitude of selfies and tweets about feelings and personal activities show.

When these two types of socialization methods merge, it is mixed networking. People with similar hobbies get together on social media even though they don't know each other personally, which eventually leads to a face-to-face meeting. Social media interactions tend to focus on socialization and activities rather than 'self'.

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