What is betaware?
Betaware is a program or application that is still in the development and testing phase of software development, one of the phases that take place prior to final release. Betaware is pre-release software or application that is made available to a select group of users so that they can try it out in real-life conditions before it is officially released to the public. These beta versions have been alpha tested and look much like the final product, but changes are made as the test progresses and bugs are found. This helps make the final version bug free. A beta program can also be referred to as a beta version.

Betaware will usually contain more bugs than the finished version, especially in terms of performance and functionality. The purpose of beta testing is to reduce the negative impact of errors on end users. Beta versions can be categorized into open beta and closed beta. The open beta uses a group of people who want to participate in the beta test, while the closed beta consists of a select or restricted group of users chosen per invitation. These beta testers recommend additional features that they think should be in the final version, as well as any bugs they find in the beta version.

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