Backup server

What is backup server?
A backup server is a type of server that enables data, files, applications and / or databases to be backed up on a specialized internal or remote server. It combines hardware and software technologies that provide backup storage and retrieval services for connected computers, servers or related devices.

A backup server is generally implemented in a corporate IT environment in which computer systems in an organization are networked to one or more backup servers.

A backup server consists of a standard hardware server with considerable storage capacity, usually with redundant storage drives and a backup server application specially developed for this purpose. The backup plan for each computer can be installed using a client utility application or configured within the host operating system (OS). At the scheduled time, the host connects to the backup server to initiate the data backup process. The backup can be retrieved or restored in the event of data loss, data corruption, or disaster recovery.

In the context of a hosting or cloud service provider, a backup server is connected to the Internet via a web interface or via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) of the provider.

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