Apache Drill

What is Apache Drill?
Apache Drill is an open source program that enables the interactive analysis of mass data sets on various computers. The main function of Apache Drill is the distributive application of data analysis and data storage. Drill enables a single data entity to be connected to multiple data stores and applications. Apache Drill is an industrial-scale database engine that is extremely easy to use.

Drill is a top-level Apache project. Apache Drill is the open source version of the Google Dremel system. One of the greatest advantages of Drill is its data optimizer, which can automatically rearrange the data structure to save space and internal processing capabilities of a data store. Drill is also able to store the location of data so that drill and data store can be located on the same node without confusion.

Apache Drill is able to process petabytes of data stored on 10,000 servers and millions of records in seconds.

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