Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

What is Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)?
The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), also known as AWS VPC, is Amazon's VPC offering that enables the development of virtual private cloud within the publicly accessible Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offerings.

Amazon VPC enables the development of a complete private cloud with its own policies and permissions, IP address ranges, subnets, route configuration and management of all resources, just like you would have done in your own data center.
The Amazon VPC is a private cloud within the AWS infrastructure that is logically isolated from the public cloud products that are hosted on the same infrastructure. Among the services that

Amazon VPC builds enormous computing power over Amazon EC2, scalable storage over S3 and dedicated private IP addresses over Amazon Elastic IP. Amazon Elastic IP assigns separate IP addresses for each EC2 instance and isolates Internet-accessible and inaccessible servers so that only remote users can access the desired servers. Amazon VPC can also be connected to an in-house VPN for a dedicated connection to the physical and cloud data centers.

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