Agile software testing

What is agile software testing?
Agile Software Testing - Agile software testing is a software quality assurance and testing framework that uses agile techniques and software testing frameworks.

It uses the core principles of the Agile Framework for testing and evaluating software, for example testing software incrementally and working together on test feedback with the team throughout the software's development lifecycle. It does this through a combination of automated and manual testing techniques.
Agile testing of software usually begins at the point in time at which the first module or the first software component is available for testing. The entire software is incrementally tested for code errors and bugs. The results of each phase / component are communicated to the development team, who work together on the feedback from the tests. The team prioritizes and eliminates the errors and mistakes. The process is repeated until the software is fully developed and the tests show that the software is free from defects.

The core components / phases of Agile software testing techniques include:

- Functional test
- Experimental research
- Unit test
- performance test

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