Definition of orgware

In computer science, orgware is the result of organizational work. It is the specification for the programmer in order to design software and has a significant influence on the profitability and productivity of the execution of tasks in the organization by organizing data appropriately with its help.

Integration of corporate IT

The orgware includes the integration of the company IT, the organization of projects of the company IT, the design of the self-developed software and the organization of the company IT departments, e.g. B. the data center. It is a collective term for data organization and the associated operating data.

Data organization

Data organization is understood to mean the design of the structuring or the storage and retrieval of operational data. The operational data is modeled through the data organization.

The operating data provide information from the company. They have a logical structure and a formal structure. Letters, numbers and special characters are available for their representation. They can be broken down into the areas as:

  • Material area data, e.g. B. from the material inventory file or supplier master file
  • Production area data, e.g. B. on the product file or the production order file
  • Marketing area data, e.g. B. Customer master file or the order backlog file
  • Billing and finance data, e.g. B. Customer file or supplier file
  • Personnel area data, e.g. B. HR master file or workplace master file.

In addition to orgware, IT also includes software and hardware. All three components are required for IT-related management of operational tasks.

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