What is liteware?
Liteware is a type of software utility with more limited functionality than the full and paid versions and is freely distributed to end users. It enables software developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to test the Lite version for free before purchasing the actual software. Liteware is also known as shareware.

Liteware offers the same visual interface, icons, and components of its entire software counterpart. Depending on the developer or provider, certain features may be disabled, unavailable or partially available to users. Liteware may have limited developer / manufacturer updates and support. Like test software, Liteware generally has no expiration date.

Although liteware is limited and incomplete, it was designed to provide sufficient functionality for a full pre-purchase evaluation by a user. As soon as a user purchases the full version, Liteware can be updated, unlocked or replaced with the newer version.

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