Breakout box

What is breakout box?
A breakout box (BoB) is a device that divides a multiple electrical line into several connector plugs. It is designed to streamline the wiring system of electronic equipment and to simplify troubleshooting problems.

Generally, a BoB is connected to the serial port of a multiline cable using connectors that have either dual inline packet (DIP) switches or connector pins. If several components have to be connected, a compound connector is used.

BoBs com in a range of sizes; The smallest can fit in a computer's hard drive and is often used to upgrade or customize a sound card. The largest can be as large as a rack system for a docking station.

The many uses for breakout boxes include:

- Docking stations
- Electronic control units (ECUs)
- Electronic test equipment
- PC sound cards

One of the most common uses of a BoB is to adjust audio and video (A / V) signals. Not only is the A / V connection removed from the A / V source, the BoB also allows individual composite connections to be separated for customization. The BoB improves the quality of A / V signals and is used by many audio / video editors and professional musicians.

Another popular use for a BoB is for engineering equipment testing and repair, as it allows a technician to specifically test each component and its connection. Many BoBs are specifically designed for troubleshooting and repairing electronic devices.

For home use, the BoB can be used to connect multiple components.

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