Brain dump

What is brain dump?
A brain dump is the act of electronically capturing or memorizing the questions and things in an IT certification exam and then recreating almost exactly a copy of them for illegal distribution.

A brain dump violates most nondisclosure agreements that were presented prior to an IT certification exam. It can result in a loss or banning of any IT certifications as it is viewed as an unauthorized tool for passing an exam.

Most brain dumps are used in IT certification exams or other exams where questions rarely change and the certification effort is high.
A brain dump is not normally used in exams where questions are chosen at random.
Features of a brain dump include:

It is not considered a legitimate training or method of preparing resources for a knowledge test. There is no scientific approach that covers the entire question and answer.

Saving content does not show much needed competency in the selected domain. It is not a legitimate exam aid to help candidates succeed against the exam specification quotas. There is no quality control in brain dump. There is no argument when memorizing the answers.

There is no scope for real learning in brain clusters. There is no real understanding that is needed on the subject.

Most certification agreements are broken when Brain Dump is used.

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