Your advancement in business administration

The business economist at the IHK

One possibility to train in business administration is the state-certified business economist. This is a degree that you can obtain from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Many people from the field of business administration choose this further training.

This is a degree that is non-academic in nature, but is still equivalent to a master’s degree. That is why it is mainly business people or specialists who take advantage of this opportunity for further training. In numerous lessons, the participants learn what the basics of economics and business administration are, how financing and investments are made, but also how the material, production and sales economy is to be dealt with today. All of these are basics that a business economist needs to know. In addition, the participants also learn the accounting and tax policy know and what it means to run a company.

Distance or face-to-face study

Another option for advanced training is to study. There are two variants here - distance learning or face-to-face learning. Distance learning does not require attendance at lectures. Students get the information and materials sent to their homes and study mostly online. Face-to-face studies, on the other hand, take place at a university.

Students must be present in the lectures to receive the materials. After 3 years of study, it is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree. If all exams have been passed by this point in time, the final exam follows. After passing the bachelor's examination, you have the opportunity to continue studying. This is followed by the master’s degree in business administration. Here you will deepen the knowledge acquired in the basic course. Often there is an opportunity to specialize in a specific area of your choice. This is a great opportunity to integrate your own preferences and interests more closely into your studies. Those who enjoy their studies and recognize where their professional career should go are much more motivated. So don't let yourself be put under pressure. Select your subject area according to your personal interests.

Afraid of the bachelor or master thesis?

The biggest hurdle in studying is definitely the thesis. Here topics that are important in business administration have to be discussed, explained and illuminated from several sides over numerous pages. In many cases, students get the topic from the supervising professors. As a student, you do not necessarily have a free choice of the topic of your thesis, but have to be more or less satisfied with the given proposal.

Often times, an inappropriate topic can lead to thinking and writer's block. The increasing fear of the final exam, as well as the pressure associated with work, contribute to that Students looking for a ghostwriter. This is a person who, if possible, holds one or more academic titles himself and knows exactly how a successful thesis must be structured. Ghostwriters support students in achieving the desired end result. The various tasks can include research, editing or plagiarism checks.

Caution: Writing bachelor's or master's theses is prohibited in Germany. You should therefore not hire a ghostwriter to carry out your thesis under your name. However, you can use the help of ghostwriters without hesitation. You should also work with the utmost precision and accuracy when citing and supporting sources.