Worthwhile further training in business administration after graduation

Business administration is a very popular course because it offers a particularly wide range of perspectives. After completing your studies, you can specialize in many fields by completing a business degree or business training. This is now also possible on a part-time basis and is very popular with graduates who have got to know different industries.


Welcome to the world of lifelong learning

With the degree in business administration, all the basics are taught to work in administration, accounting or in clerical work. But it quickly becomes apparent that each division has its own special features, for which it is worthwhile, a specialist qualification or a Further training in business administration with a focus on the industry to visit. The advantage of this training is that everyone can find a subject area in which it is easy for them to apply their professional knowledge and where they would particularly like to pursue a career. Whether it is the media specialist who deals with topics related to content procurement, marketing and business IT, or the social specialist who is supposed to run a care facility economically, everyone has different tasks and needs different specialist knowledge. The variety of business professions shows that not all topics can be included in a basic course in business administration. In addition, laws and regulations that affect operational processes, accounting, etc. are changing. In this case, too, it is usually not possible without specific qualification.

Many educational offers can access the eligibility by means of the Qualification Opportunities Act and at least do not represent a financial burden for companies or private individuals who want to continue their education. Nevertheless, further education is always an investment of time and energy in addition to practicing a profession. Depending on the personal requirements, organizational skills are also required in order to organize learning times.

Career opportunities for business economists

Even without industry-specific knowledge, there are many options for a business administration graduate. It is very popular Accountingwhere accounting, accounts receivable management or controlling are available as focal points. A great advantage of the business administration subject are the many points of contact with all other company departments. These alone open up a wide range of specialization opportunities. Budget planning in marketing, accounting of personnel costs, comparison of offers in purchasing or the preparation of offers in sales are tasks that require a competent business economist. Correspondingly, after completing your studies, you can go for suitable further training or even a business administration degree to be sought.

Some branches of the economy are considered to be particularly crisis-proof, while others are very popular. In order to ultimately build a long-term career, you should look a little in advance at what options are available after completing a training course. These opportunities can be in the current company, but can also open up in other companies or lead to self-employment. The forward-looking business economist has his market in mind and knows the competitive situation.

Business Administration - Media and Marketing

Digitization has changed an awful lot in the advertising and media industry. Therefore, this industry is very popular with many. While the exclusively creative minds work with colors, shapes and design, they are dependent on the computer in the background, which can bring their creativity to full advantage in fixed budgets. The media specialist as a course of study is therefore extremely popular. The possible uses are not tied to publishers or media groups. Large companies employ their own specialists and produce their cross-media campaigns with their own marketing specialists. A mail order company for technology even has one own television format created that he uses for his sales shows. And many companies are set up in a similar way, but use channels such as YouTube or streaming services for their marketing.

Sales needs new concepts and specialists from the ranks of the digital natives. Therefore, subjects such as commercial specialist are also in great demand. With the digitization in sales, completely new tasks arise for the business economist.

To be a business consultant is the goal of many business economists. With the commercial know-how from studying business administration, many dare to work as consultants. But here, too, special knowledge is required that results from the core activity of the consultant. If you want to help start-up founders on their way, you need knowledge from the areas of corporate forms, law, taxes and insurance. As an external personnel developer, on the other hand, further training in payroll accounting, requirements planning and labor law should be on the program.

The course shows which topics are of the greatest interest. Your own interests are a good indicator for career planning. In addition, it is much easier to familiarize yourself with topics that you already find interesting.

Further training is expensive, but knowledge is an invaluable commodity

Those who invest time and energy in their continuous development and further training will notice that knowledge is priceless. There is security in dealing with customers, colleagues and business partners. Consultants in particular benefit from a secure wealth of knowledge and experience. Because their credibility would suffer and mistakes in advice would quickly lead to a loss of image. Work is quicker, which saves life and energy. Basically, the concept of lifelong learning is not new. People have been doing this since they were around. However, this aspect was neglected for a long time in career issues, which was mainly due to the high costs for further training. However, the Qualification Opportunities Act has created a number of possibilities to give everyone access to further training without incurring high financial burdens.

The funding is checked on a case-by-case basis. If there are special requirements, further training costs can even be covered in full. Anyone who involves employers should point out the special opportunities that the legislature has created for entrepreneurs. The corona crisis has even brought new perks here.

Conclusion: If you want to make a career, you cannot avoid further training. Evidence of special specialist knowledge opens up new perspectives and always has a positive effect on the search for new jobs. In some cases, they are even the argument that speaks for the applicant. This is expressed as a "desirable" requirement in job advertisements. The field of business administration is often ridiculed, but on closer inspection it offers a lot of opportunities and graduates with good results find themselves in middle management shortly after completing their studies.

In order to find a specific direction for yourself, interests and needs in the business world should be examined and then decided. Business coaches or consultants in educational institutions are available to answer any questions.

Digitization has also greatly improved the opportunities for further training. Many seminars are available online and can be attended flexibly and regardless of location. Some offers even offer adaptation to your own learning pace, which can lead to ambitious students obtaining qualifications in a timely manner.

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