Tesla Gigafactory in Brandenburg still has a few problems

Whether the law for Federal pollution control or the state development plan - there are still some problems with the ambitious schedule to open the new Tesla factory near Berlin.

The SPD Economics Minister of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, said that everything was far from being clarified. This means the branch of the car manufacturer Tesla near Berlin, more precisely in Grünheide in Brandenburg. So far, only about half of the things have been resolved here. The approval procedure is still pending, which is why the actual construction will still be in the future.

The company recently caused a sensation when the company reported from the USA that it would like to build the first gigafactory on European soil, namely near Berlin. The priority in this work should be Y Model, this is Tesla's electronic SUV. The establishment of a design center is also planned in the capital. The area that the US manufacturer has chosen as the location for the new factory is around 300 hectares. Originally, BMW wanted to settle here in 2001, but the manufacturer from Bavaria then decided on a location in Saxony.

According to current plans, the production of Tesla vehicles is to start in Brandenburg as early as 2021, which will create around 8,000 new jobs. However, construction of the plant would have to start in the next few months in order to meet this schedule. Tesla's investments in the new plant are expected to amount to a single-digit amount in the billions.

At the moment, however, it is still questionable whether this will work. Because in order to implement the plan, the state development plan would have to be adjusted. The responsible district administrator of the CDU, Rolf Lindemann, has also warned against placing too high expectations in the process of approving the plant. This applies both to the expansion of the infrastructure, the construction of new apartments and the plant itself. District Administrator Lindemann is committed to ensuring that the plans do not fail due to the general workforce of the authorities. The law on federal pollution control with regard to factory planning must also be checked. The environmental impact must be examined here with the involvement of the public.

At least the processing of the purchase contract for the property could be completed by the end of the year. This requires a decision by the finance committee, which is expected to make a decision in a special meeting in the penultimate week of December.

However, the car manufacturer is also held accountable by the Minister for Economic Affairs. In order to move the approval process forward, it would be an important step for Tesla to submit all the necessary documents. The construction of the Gigafactory in China cost Tesla far less administrative effort: Here, the construction of the plant only took around a year. However, Tesla has already founded an independent company for the plant in Brandenburg. However, Manufactoring Brandenburg SE is based 112 kilometers from the planned plant in Grünheide.