Evening school or online course - advantages & disadvantages

Evening school or online course - advantages & disadvantages

Business administration is equally popular with men and women in Germany. There is simply no subject that is perceived in such a balanced way by both sexes. The reason for this is clear: There is hardly a larger job market than in business. Such an education opens up your future in different directions. Regardless of whether in online courses or part-time in evening school - you can embark on completely new professional paths. Below we list the pros and cons that you should know about online courses and night schools.

Online courses

Online training is becoming more and more of a trend. Thanks to the individual selection of learning locations, training courses could take place as usual during the corona pandemic without any loss of learning. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of online courses? Is Learning Better Online? Who are these courses for?

Advantages of online courses

1. Tailored presence

A great advantage of online training is that you can manage your presence and time yourself. This allows you a high degree of further everyday planning. You don't have to calculate travel times or attendance times to organize your everyday life.

2. Less strict entry requirements with equal recognition

Even if there are less stringent requirements for participation online (which can be an advantage), online graduates receive the same recognition.

So after completing the online course you are Certified business economist with IHK certification.

Above all, there is another bonus: Your future employer will particularly appreciate your high level of initiative, discipline and self-motivation.

3. High flexibility and personal responsibility

You will also find this point among the disadvantages. Because, on the one hand, there are those who value a high level of flexibility and personal responsibility - on the other hand, it can be the ultimate motivation killer for many.

By the way: Loud FiBS The overall unemployment rate for high school graduates is 5.6 %, while it is 2.5 % for holders of a bachelor's degree.

Disadvantages of online courses

1. Requires self-discipline and good time management

A big disadvantage, which not everyone sees as such, is that the online courses come with a lot of responsibility. The great freedom is not for everyone and requires a lot of self-discipline, initiative and willingness to learn. Not everyone has the ability to manage their time well and to deal responsibly with the work materials and the tasks set. Therefore, even if there are no face-to-face classes, it is important to set your priorities correctly without you inserting other tasks in between.

2. Communication with the teachers is often limited

If you are the kind of person who likes to ask questions, discuss, see personal attention for gathering information as essential and also seek conversation retrospectively, online learning can cause you a few problems. In many courses (apart from direct online training) it is often difficult to get in touch with your teachers. The interactions are therefore reduced to the absolute minimum. The learning content can therefore also be less lively.

3. Not suitable for every work area

In principle, not every subject is suitable for online training. For example, a surgeon should not only focus on online learning, as this is where he or she may learn theoretically, but not practically, how to operate on people.

Business, on the other hand, is a great direction that is great for online courses.

4. Uncomfortable to learn

A lack of movement and non-stop, permanent sitting in front of the digital medium affects your body. Back pain and the rusting of your own mobility can quickly become a reality. If you then stare at your screen, read texts, do research and complete submission tasks, headaches and eye pain are annoying side effects that can slow down your learning style. If you are not a “computer person” by nature, learning on a PC, laptop or tablet can limit your productivity. Do not forget that this is why you need more exercise in everyday life.

5. Possible distraction

The online world is big and tempting enough to distract you in any situation. This can be, for example, advertising mails that pop up on the screen or Netflix series that run in the background. Even private calls and other potential dangers affecting your concentration can steer your learning style in a different direction. For this reason, memorizing smaller learning content can be proven to help you acquire topics more precisely. This learning method is also called "microlearning".

Evening school

Special educational institutions offer evening schools for adults, which can be used for training and further education. Most of the participants are already working and want to develop professionally.

Evening schools - just like online courses - offer you the opportunity to work and earn money on the side. As the name suggests, classes take place in the evenings as face-to-face classes. Not every day, however, only two or three times a week. In the following text we will also show the advantages and disadvantages for evening school.

Benefits of evening school

1. State-recognized evening schools

Because most evening schools are officially recognized, the costs are kept within limits. In contrast to online courses, which always have to be paid for out of your own pocket, there are many evening schools near you that don't have to put a fortune on the table to secure your degree.

2. You are not alone

Admittedly, the thought of "going back to school" certainly triggers some resentment in some. A big advantage, however, is that you are not alone and only have to study for yourself. In addition to group work, in evening schools you can also enter into a dialogue with your classmates. Self-motivation can be kept very high through social contacts.

3. Support and contacts

At night school, you will always be looked after by competent teachers. Your questions can always be asked and also clarified.

Cons of night school

1. No flexibility and high expenditure of time

Your time management has to be specially coordinated at evening school - especially if you are still working on the side. The days are very long and hardly offer any flexibility for you. Your work schedule must therefore be well organized. In addition to the job and evening school, homework and presentations also have to be organized and implemented.

2. Inner conflicts

The physical presence can lead to internal conflicts. Many evening school students report that they no longer have any free time and that they are constantly electrified. This can lead to demotivation and dropping out of school. Understandable when you lose concentration after a long day at work.

3. Learning content is not included

Studies have shown that students who have already had a long day at work can hardly take up and keep learning content.

With business administration you definitely have every chance in job open!