Certified business economist IHK - commercial training for advancement to a management position

The certified business economist IHK is a job title that can be achieved by successfully completing further training with a final examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is the highest business degree that can be completed both in a full-time course and part-time and serves for professional advancement.

In comparison, the certified business economist is on a par with the master’s degree according to the German qualification framework. Due to the learning objectives and content specified in the DIHK framework curriculum, it corresponds to a high level of education and enables business people and specialists to receive sound further training that opens the door to management and leadership positions.
For commercial-technical professions, the certified technical business economist is offered, which corresponds to the commercial counterpart.

Requirements for participation in the advanced training test at the IHK

Initially, anyone can take part in the further training to become a certified business economist. Completed vocational training and experience in a commercial profession are required. Alternatively, specialists can also qualify directly for the exam and register for it.
The practical evidence can also be proven at a later point in time; These must only be available when registering for the examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. If you want to be on the safe side that the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce grants the examination permit at your place of residence or work, you should submit your diplomas and professional certificates early on and have them checked.

For whom the further training to become a certified business economist is worthwhile

If you want to improve your salary or want to pursue a career in a management position, advancement training is a very good opportunity. It is in no way inferior to an academic degree with its classification in the German Qualification Framework (DQR).

Based on the given framework curriculum, a sound business knowledge mediates that prepares you for the multitude of management tasks and at the same time includes operationally and strategically everything that you need to know in a company. This makes it suitable both for an engineer who wants to become self-employed and for marketing specialists or human resource managers who want to improve their career opportunities.

Transfer of skills and qualification for management tasks based on the DIHK framework curriculum:

The focus of business management training is primarily on two areas:
The economic activity and the operational performance processes as well as the leadership and management in the company. The main topics are:

• the marketing management,
• the company's accounting and tax policy,
• the financial management of a company,
• the legal framework for corporate management,
• European and international economic relations,
• the facets of corporate management,
• the project management and the company organization and
• human resource management.

All topics are examined in case situations in the exam. The examination structure is divided into a written examination phase, an oral examination phase and a case study with a subsequent presentation.

Career prospects for business economists

After successfully completing further training as a certified business economist IHK, the graduates are qualified to apply for positions in marketing, controlling or human resources. Specializations in tax law or import / export are also conceivable.

Due to the wide range of commercial knowledge, business economists are in demand and the career prospects are very good.

Anyone who would like to develop professionally can also take advantage of various funding opportunities from the federal and state governments.