Balloon financing: what distinguishes the special car loan?

The credit system is a important part of finance and includes various financing concepts for companies and private individuals. In addition to the conventional installment loan as an annuity loan, there are other types of credit, often with special purposes. When buying a car, balloon financing is an established option that many banks and credit institutions offer. Whether this is beneficial depends on the lender's financial situation.

How balloon funding works

While an annuity loan is repaid in equal monthly installments, balloon financing has a high final installment. The monthly burden on the borrower is correspondingly low over the term of the loan agreement. The repayment installments are easier to finance than with a conventional loan, but there must be security on the repayment of the significantly higher final installment.

When customers buy vehicles with balloon financing, the final installment is in the range of a few thousand euros. For this reason, the type of loan has become established for vehicle purchases. For smaller consumer loans, the classic installment payment is already associated with manageable monthly installments. On the other hand, in expensive projects such as buying a house, the repayment of an immensely high completion rate is unrealistic. The concept is worthwhile in a medium-sized financing area; new and used vehicles are predestined for this.

Recognize personal advantages and disadvantages of the type of loan

The main advantages and disadvantages are the same depending on the borrower. The extremely low monthly installments for balloon financing are a popular preference so that the loan does not become a burden in everyday life. At the end of the contract, this becomes a financial challenge when the debtor spontaneously has to pay a few thousand euros to complete his financing.

In order to see balloon financing consistently as advantageous, it must be ensured that this money is available towards the end of the contract period. If no major windfall is expected over time, this can be achieved solely through targeted savings. However, this does not represent a significant difference to paying a higher monthly rate with a classic installment loan.

Is the concept suitable for him?

The form of financing is established with young credit customers who have prospects of better financial circumstances in the following years. This applies, for example, to the purchase of a vehicle by a young professional. Initially, they have little money at their disposal, thanks to the establishment in the world of work with the corresponding salary, the high graduation rate is no longer a problem.

Young families also like to choose the concept, as do insurance customers with an early payment of an insurance contract. In this way, part of the life insurance paid out can cover the final installment in a few years to ensure repayment.

Use other types of financing wisely

When it comes to buying a vehicle, you don't have to decide between the classic installment loan and balloon financing alone. Depending on the target group and living situation, there are other concepts with which a strong financing is possible. There are sensible types of financing for founders and other target groups where the loan is granted with active support from the state.

It is important for any potential borrower to have an in-depth view of the credit market. When introducing the subject of business administration, many are surprised at how many credit concepts are established in practice. The key here is to find the best option and enjoy secure loan repayment.