Zombie network

What is zombie network?
A zombie network is a network or collection of compromised computers or hosts that are connected to the Internet. A compromised computer becomes a zombie, controlled wirelessly using standards-based network protocols such as HTTP and Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

A zombie network is also known as a botnet.

Computers become part of a zombie network through malicious software (malware) that is unwittingly installed by users or automatically installed through the back door of a security network, or by exploiting weaknesses in web browsers. The malware leaves certain network ports open and allows external users to access the computer. Zombie networks run similar types of malware, which may be multiple networks run by different criminal entities (cyber or otherwise).

Types of attacks that originate from a zombie network include denial-of-service attacks, adware, Spyware, Spam and click fraud.

The following steps or a variation are used to create zombie networks:

A zombie network operator uses a bot to infect thousands of computers with worms or viruses that carry a deadly payload.

The bot on an infected computer logs on to an online server - usually IRC, but sometimes web.

The zombie network operator rents zombie network services to a customer.

The customer provides the zombie network operator with spam or other material that runs over the zombie network.

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