XYZ analysis

The XYZ analysis is a method of materials management in which goods or stocks in a company are classified according to consumption. The XYZ analysis is an extension of the ABC analysis.

Definition / explanation

principle - It is important for a company to have the right parts in stock at all times and in the right quantities. If important parts for production are not in stock, production can be stopped, which costs a lot of money. In return, it creates unnecessary costs if large quantities of parts are stored that are rarely used.

Classification – Die erforderlichen Daten werden, wie bei der ABC analysis, in Kategorien aufgeteilt. Teile der „X“-Kategorie werden relativ konstant verbraucht, das heißt, sie müssen jederzeit vorrätig sein. „Y“-Teile unterliegen stärkeren Schwankungen als „X“-Teile, dies kann z.B. saisonal bedingt sein, sie werden jedoch regelmäßig verbraucht. Teile der „Z“-Kategorie werden unregelmäßig verbraucht.

XYZ analysis

X - high constancy of consumption
Y - higher consumption, but rather regular fluctuations
Z - very irregular consumption

Effects of the XYZ analysis

If the data from the XYZ analysis is available, it can be concluded from this how often required parts are required. For “X” parts, it makes sense to order them parallel to production; just-in-time delivery would also be conceivable.

A larger stock makes sense for “Y” parts, while “Z” parts should only be ordered when required. In this way they do not generate any storage costs and the costs can be optimized.

Combination for ABC / XYZ analysis

The ABC analysis and the XYZ analysis can be linked very well with one another. In this way the quantity dependency and the consumption will be related. An optimal ordering rhythm for the individual parts can then be determined.


  • Business instrument for measuring consumption
  • Classification of the parts into the categories "X", "Y" and "Z", with the highest consumption being in the "X" category
  • Goal: Creation of a meaningful order plan and unnecessary storage costs should be avoided
  • the XYZ analysis can be combined with the ABC analysis = more precise results are achieved
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