What is XProtect?
XProtect, officially called File Quarantine, is Apple's Anti-malwareSystem that is built into the Mac OS X operating system. Like most anti-malware programs, XProtect protects Macs from infection by various types of malicious software or malware. As with most anti-malware or anti-virus software, the definitions need to be updated regularly in order to detect newer threats.

Apple's XProtect system, included with OS X, is a non-intrusive and rudimentary anti-malware program that runs quietly in the background with no user interaction required. it's light on system resources. However, XProtect differs significantly from traditional anti-malware programs in that it does not constantly check and monitor the system, which normally consumes resources. It is mostly only used to scan downloads and therefore only runs when there is a download. This also means that it is mainly supported by applications that have a download function. These applications are known as 'file quarantine applications'. When such an application initiates a download,

Examples of file quarantine applications:
- Safari
- Messages
- I chat
- email

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