Xen hypervisor

What is Xen Hypervisor?
Xen is a hypervisor that enables multiple virtual machines to be created, run, and managed simultaneously on one physical computer.

Xen was developed by XenSource, which was purchased by Citrix Systems in 2007. Xen was first released in 2003. It is an open source hypervisor. It also comes in an enterprise version.

Xen is primarily a bare metal Type 1 hypervisor that can be installed directly on computer hardware without the need for a host operating system. Since it is a Type 1 hypervisor, Xen controls, monitors and manages the hardware, peripheral and I / O resources directly. Guest virtual machines request Xen to provide a resource and must install Xen virtual device drivers to access hardware components. Xen supports multiple instances of the same or different operating systems with native support for most operating systems, including Windows and Linux. In addition, Xen can be used on the x86, IA-32 and ARM processor architecture.

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