Workplace analysis

The workplace analysis is part of the work analysis, which is a systematic breakdown of a job into its individual parts, e.g. B. to the order of the work organization and the workflow. The purpose, structure, process of work equipment, required and given knowledge, skills and responsibilities are documented. Workplace analysis refers to the gathering of information about the working conditions that prevail in a workplace.
A workplace is understood to be a suitably furnished spatial area in which employees, as task holders, perform tasks with the help of facilities and work equipment. It is the smallest spatial organizational unit of a company. In many cases it is equated with the position, which is, however, inapplicable, since the position does not have to be associated with a spatial statement. The workplace analysis includes:

• The analysis of work equipment, e.g. B. on the surface design, stability or the height of tables, the grip area and the field of vision of the employee at the workplace. It serves the purpose of designing the workplace, including the handles, anthropometrically, ie taking into account the human body dimensions.

• The analysis of the environmental conditions, which z. B. can relate to color, light, climate, noise, dust, ventilation and coloring. It takes place in order to design the workplace in a physiologically suitable manner, ie the environmental influences are to be influenced as advantageously as possible for the employees.

Die Ergebnisse der Arbeitsplatzanalyse können nicht nur für die Arbeitsplatzgestaltung, sondern auch für die Job evaluation als Grundlage der Entgeltgestaltung verwendet werden. Außerdem bietet die Arbeitsplatzanalyse eine gute Grundlage für die sachgerechte Besetzung des Arbeitsplatzes und für die Unterweisung der Mitarbeiter.

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