Work technique

The work technique is a technique with reference to a means of leadership, with the help of which a work to be performed is supported. It should help you to have more time for the essentials. There are:
• The goal-setting technique, which enables precise controls via performance standards as measurable goals. This technique can improve performance measurement.

• The time management technique that gives users more time to complete demanding tasks. This helps the manager to better manage their time.

• The checklist technique, which allows the users of checklists to easily control processes. This means that recurring processes can be checked relatively quickly.

• The delegation technique that relieves managers and creates more time for demanding tasks by transferring tasks that can be delegated to employees.

• The rationalization technique, which contains problem-solving techniques to better cope with intellectual work, e.g. B. manage desk work in such a way that costs are reduced.

• The presentation technique, which gives advice on better presentation technique, appropriate posture and an effective voice. This further develops the person's personality. Today projectors are often used for notebook presentations.

• Die Stress-Bewältigungstechnik, die Mitarbeitern bei der Bekämpfung von consequences der Überbeanspruchung am Arbeitsplatz hilft.

• The work process technology, which shows the employee in production how the work can be managed efficiently by using certain hand movements.

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