What is sports journalism?

Sports journalism focuses on the coverage of sports and sporting news and events. Sports journalists work in all media, including print, television and the Internet. If you are a sports fan and want to get into journalism, read on to find out what you can do as a sports journalist.
Sports journalists write and report on amateur and professional sports. As a sports journalist, you can expect a variety of tasks, such as: B. reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players and commenting on games. You can work in a variety of media including radio, television, and print.

Training and career opportunities

To become a sports journalist, you should complete a post-secondary program in journalism. Budding journalists and reporters are advised to have at least a bachelor's degree. You can enroll for a bachelor's degree in journalism and choose a sports journalism concentration or simply take sports journalism courses.

As part of Bachelor's and Master's degrees, you can develop writing, interviewing and reporting skills in multiple media formats and actively participate in field internships to make professional contacts and gain insight into the job. Once you've completed an academic sports writing program, find work for amateur or school sports events for local news sources, work for national sports media publications, or professional sports events for sports broadcast networks. You can report for different types of media, which are explained in more detail below.

Print and internet

Sports journalists who work in the print medium offer detailed previews of upcoming events and analyzes after the game as well as extensive box scores, player statistics and team ratings. Major national newspapers report on local and national sports and provide Internet links to their content. Large sports networks such as B. Sport1 maintain large and sophisticated online appearances. As a sports writer or reporter, you can blog or write narrative sports columns.


Broadcast sports journalists provide real-time coverage and commentary on sports events for television and radio broadcasts. Part-time reporters interview the players before, during and after a game; Production teams manage, edit and produce sports broadcasts. Like its print counterpart, television has specialized sports networks such as Sport1, which cover sporting events, news and entertainment programs.


Sports journalists photograph sporting events to capture the gaming experience in a single image. Sports journalists work in newspapers, on television, on the Internet and in magazines (e.g. Sport Bild von Axel Springer).

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