Weak point analysis

The weak point analysis is one Organization technologywhich is used to bring about organizational improvements by searching for and uncovering operational weaknesses. Its main aim is to find out the causes of deficiencies, evaluate negative effects and remedy the weaknesses identified.

Organization technology weak point analysis

Typical operational weaknesses within systems of the Organizational structure, Process organization or project organization occur, for example:

  • Missing goals
  • Planning errors
  • Frictional losses
  • Competence problems
  • IT deficiencies
  • Faulty processes
  • High costs
  • Wasted time
  • Duplication of work
  • Neutral
  • Lack of control

Weak point analysis phases

Determination of weak points, which can be justified, for example, in the use of operational production factors, in the combination of these factors and in the regulation of given structures or processes.

Analysis of the causes of weak points in an organizational system, using organizational instruments such as recording techniques, analysis techniques and creativity techniques.

Elaboration of proposed solutions for changing or eliminating weak points, for example by searching for appropriate control measures or by bringing about rational solution decisions.

The organization experts have to make appropriate decisions, because weak points can cause disharmonies, which can have a very negative impact on the functionality and achievement of goals of a company. They cause, for example, wrong decisions, high costs and a decline in sales. It is therefore important to identify operational weaknesses in good time and to combat them.

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